6 Tips to Become a Master Microservice Gardener

1) Use Bimodal IT to Avoid Stagnation

Bimodal IT is the concept of dealing with disparate styles of work that nonetheless function perfectly well separate from one another. “Bimodal” means two modes, and in this case, the term matches the function — one focused directly on predictability, and the other on exploration.

2) Avoid the Kafkaesque Monolith

lost in the structure of subordination and redirection

3) Design In a Way That Promotes Further Iteration
When developing an API, keep in mind not only the intended functionality, but the ability to extend that functionality.

4) Harvest Concepts and Incorporate

5) Distribute the Seeds: Adopt True Microservices Arrangement

6) Prune the Service Surface

source: http://nordicapis.com/6-tips-to-become-a-master-microservice-gardener/