Need for human connection in digital banking

As banking moves from online to mobile, it’s not enough for technology to become a peripheral addition to the user’s every day – it needs to become an integral part of it. How? By combining multichannel features (such as HD voice/video, web chat, SMS, secure file transfer, screen sharing and more) to enable a fully dimensional banking experience geared toward consumers seeking access at their fingertips.

However, successful user engagement doesn’t simply exist in technology versus humanity – it’s found in the cross-over. For example, while it may be convenient for users to securely web chat with a teller about a problem from their laptop, they might prefer to have the conversation on the go via text or they may feel more personally supported if they could see the teller’s face through a virtual appointment.




Mobile banking surges as security issues are addressed

Top 10 Mobile Vulnerabilities

lack of binary protections (19%), insecure data storage (17%), insufficient transport layer protection (16%), unintended data leakage (13%), weak server side controls (6%), poor authorisation and authentication (6%), client side injection (4%), broken cryptography (3%), improper session handling (2%) and security decision via untrusted inputs (1%)

‘Reverse engineering’ is your enemy

Self-protection explained

  • planning
  • designing, building and testing
  • protection
  • test & deployment


How Digital is Redefining the Banking Experience

Reshaping the customer journey: mobile banking. personalised and on-demand access to services

Internet and mobile banking is preferred: shut branches caused by customers managing banking through the internet and on mobile phones

Four ways to improve the customer journey

(1) Improve new account opening and on-boarding experience

(2) consider user-friendly authentication

(3) Embrace the rise of the bots

(4) Embrace cross selling

*cross selling: selling to an existing customer


The Digital Banking Evolution: From Transactions to Relationships

Unique Insights into A Digital Evolution within Financial Services

add real value to the customers’ lives

delivering platforms that advise the customer based on all available data, making the user journey smarter and more rewarding.

Customers Hold the Secret to Your Success

Creating a Win-Win Proposition

banks to automate experiences and use customer data and insights to deliver personalised touch points -> personalised transactional experiences